Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lasted update about my life...

Betty,Jessie and Me
Our class photo shot
Betty,Me and Agatha
Ok,just a couple of weeks ago,i went to simei ITE for my performance. It was fun and i had a sore foot due to my damage kok shoes that i's spoit actually,but my mother refuse to buy 1 new pair for me so i got to wear the old and damage shoes.
Luckily, a new friend borrow me her extra pair of shoes. We wore makes up,ITE school tie and the blazor for the performances. It's my 1st time i'm wearing a blazor so it's kinda uncomfortable. I ok with the school tie as i did learn and know how to do up a tie whereas i get the chances to go around helping other people including my own sis to do up thier
After that, a minute after,all the girls were busy with thier own make-uping..that including me...
agatha and javien brought along her digital cam,and we did took a few shots together as friends and classmates..
here's the pix...