Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dumpling Festival 2009

Today is Dumpling Festival.. mum prepared and made some dumpling for all of us...
It was delicious!

A few days ago, mum actually started preparing for the dumpling festivals...

So starting a few days ago, she's already busy with the ingredients and cooking...

All her hard work and effort paid of for these delicious, tasty and wonderful dumplings...

Thanks mum for your tasty dumplings!

Happy Dumpling Festivals...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shu Ee's back from her oversea trip and Soda's back home...

it's been some time since i blog again...

well,i'm kinda lazy... haha

anyway, Shu Ee's back from her oversea trip and she came over today to fetch Soda which she leave it with me and my sister to take care for 4 days while she's away for her trip..

So since day 1 till last night, i have been sleeping on the floor just to block Soda and prevent Soda from disturbing Amber from sleeping... When Amber(My beloved dog) is sleeping at night, when she's disturbed from her sleep, she will snap directly with no warnings! so i don't want Soda to get injured just because Soda accidentally disturb Amber's sleeps...

Anyway, i had quite a lot of fun having Soda around for this 5 days... i think i have lost touch with a puppy for a long long time! it's great to have Soda around although i wasn't use to it in the beginning and was a little shag at the start...

Soda was really energetic, curious and playful!!! and when each time, feeding Soda is a challenging task cause he will come dashing to his food!!! lol.. what a cute little glutton...

And for a small body of Soda, he's got really big paws and super strong too!

He's super sensitive to sound too! whenever i played a music, be it a k-pop music or classical music, his head will go tilling... cute reactions!!!

but i can somewhat sense that, although Soda is still a puppy, i can feel that he misses home, misses his "mummy"....

So am glad that he's back to his "mummy" today... haha

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009

Today is Mother's day. Wishing all mothers have a wonderful and enjoyable day with your family.

every year's mother's day, we always planned surprise to celebrated and spend this meaningful festival with our whole family but this year's mother's day celebration, my siblings and i don't made any plans because lack of finance(from our each of our)
so maybe tonight we'll just have a simple feast outside..
OS: hopefully next year, we can planned a really good celebration again..

Vesak Day 2009

Firstly, today is Vesak Day. so at here, I wish everyone have a enjoyable day¬

Today, i had my dinner outside with my siblings and mum. We had duck rice for dinner which was a delicious dinner.

After dinner, we went to the nearby spacious place, there is an Temple Dinner there.. we went to offer our prayers.

As we heard that there's the 3 Step - 1 kneel ceremony(3步1拜),we head to Bukit Gombark Stadium
and take a look. I remember me, my siblings together with our parents did participate it this ceremony once in the past too.. it was a good experience but was a little tiring and really dirty as that time was raining season hence we were all really wet, smelly and dirty at that moment.

but this year, we didn't participate in it. We just watched and chant along their scriptures as well...

Here's some nice shot of us on the hill top watching the whole spectacular scene..

Friday, May 08, 2009

Wonder Girls new songs

Wonder Girls new song "Now" a new remix of Fin KL..
i preferred Wonder girl's version.. lol