Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry X'mas

Hihi,readers,friends too.. it's been some time since i last update my blog.. glad to know that one of my best friend,agatha flew back to singapore from india safely.. been really crazy about joe cheng,ariel,S.H.E and Fahrenheit... well,these has been my hot idol lately...hope i will continued to support them..ya... now,holidays been a little boring to me in the begining..but,of coz..been really happy..i make new friends in my forums too...international friends and local friends too... got to know quite a lot of new stuffs... Recently just met my seniors in my CCAs,wow..we the juniors group were quite shy...afterall,the number of seniors outnumbered us...but i hope that we'll get over it soon.. now,our teacher is starting to teach us singing skills..1st,starting from breathing excersie..it's really hard..we have to learn to use diaphram...but glad that teacher says that all of us are improving... i hope i will do better this coming week..