Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mendol 帅男偶像 by No Sleeves from AKB48

Mendol Opening Theme
Relax by No Sleeves

3 Seconds by Persona

Christmas Present by Persona

Tane - Another Popular Songs by No Sleeves

This is a really nice Japanese drama talking about Three 18 year-old girls wished to become idols but rather unfortunately, their plain looks brought them nothing but attempted rape from producers/managers or failure from casting calls. By a stroke of luck, they were forced to dressed up as boys to escape from an assassin and talent scouted by a L manager(you’ll know what I mean if you watch the show). So, these girls finally got their wish, but under the circumstances that they MUST dressed up as male idols in front of their fans.

In the dramas, Mendol, this 3 ordinary girls(From left:Nami,Asahi, Hinata) were grouped and debuted in Persona(Their stage name in the show, From Left: Kai, Riku, Kuu).

In reality, they are a japanese Idol grp called "No Sleeves". From left: Takahashi Minami,Kojima Haruna, Minegishi Minami

Monday, March 23, 2009

Food Exhibition at suntec city on 22 March 09

yesterday went to career fair at suntec city with meiling... after the career fair,we went to food exhibition which is at level below the career fair..

after walking around in the food exhibiton,meiling wanna get a seat to rest and have her lunch...we managed to take a seat, got all our food...

Me and betty bought thrashaw noodles and shark fin soup..

Meiling bought teriyaki Balls...

There's so many people at the food exhibition especially that it's the last DAY!

Then awhile later, meiling went off with her bf to expo for popullar fair...
me and betty stayed to wait for mum..
while waiting for mum, we came across ice cream stall and bough this korea Red Bean Fish ice cream..

It was really yummy! after waiting for some time,mum arrived and we visited the food exhibiton with mum... we eat a lot of samples and bought some good deals such as bah Hwa, Tao Sau, Shark Fin soup, nonya po piah and etc... and i also treated mum to the korea red bean fish ice cream too!
in total,we had some wonderful times and got a lot of affordable food stocks too!!! haha~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meiling's Birthday celebration 2009

The above photos are taken after Meiling's birthday celebration..
Me,betty and Agatha went to have some mini gathering and catch up with our recent happens...
And just out of fun and memorial, we took some photos! haha~

A few days ago,went to Meiling's birthday celebration at her house.
Delicious food and Cake! Thnxs for ur invitation and for allowing me to bring my dog along.
Have a wonderful day there too!
Hope and wish that all your dreams would come true and a happier day each day!

And thanks for the well-taken photos by Agatha! Nice shot~

Monday, March 09, 2009

Female Artises without make up and with make up comparison~

女明星们的素颜会是怎样的呢?? 赶快看看吧。。


看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀



看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀



看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀



看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀



看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀



看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀



看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀



看9位韩国女星卸妆生活照 披露美肤秘诀





人人说的可爱女生,伊恩惠,没化妆和化妆差别不大,眼睛依然大,圆,水汪汪的。 眼睛还是会放电。卸妆时,要卸的干净,确保皮肤能呼吸是她的秘诀哦!


Selina 任家宣: 肤质还不错




user posted image


张韶涵眉毛稀疏,眼睛无神。 惨不忍睹。

王心凌:不是完全素颜,但是看得出皮肤底子不错。 轮廓看不清。


Hebe 田馥甄: 差别还好只是没化妆时脸显得比较长, 而且眼睛比较不会放电

林志玲: 皮肤还是白白的,不错。


萧亚轩: 苍白无血色。 眼睛无神。

IPB Image

Ella 陈嘉华: 球赛现场打气的Ella满活泼的,看得出皮肤保养的不出