Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Guitar Skills!!!!

OMG!!!! these ppl here r realli truely talented!!!

they play the guitar so well!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nihon Mura at Pasir Ris!!!

Today,me n my family went to have our dinner at Nihon Mura at Pasir Ris E-hub C...
Coz we had the 50% discount coupon so we decided to had our dinner there..
The food was yummy!!!! And quite good service too! We order quite alot of food... haha...
And ate lots of shu shu!!!!

After a long Q, we were lead way to our seating place... we were lucky, we got a "VIP" room... no lah.. haha,just tt we were lucky to be able to sit in a individual room instead of having to sit at e other corner,where many ppl r there eating, and extremely noisy!!!!
Here's some picture taken!!!!

30 June 2008 - Superband 2 Live Recording!!!

Yeah!!! Me and my gal friends went for 30 June 08 Live Recording of Superband 2 to support Yi Xuan Feng!!!

It was pretty much like a reali fun party there!!!! Although Yi Xuan Feng was eliminated... but to me, there are reali a perfect band who reali can perform and played wonderful music... they had not disappointed a lot of us fans...

I believe they will rise again with their fantastic performance soon... JIA YOU!!!! YI XUAN FENG!!! i belived you!

Anyway, thnxs to a special friend, who's the bro of my senior in one of YXF, thnxs for e tickets tt me n my gal frens gets e chance to experience what's its like to b at live recording n i reali have learned a lot from all the performance!

In total, i reali enjoyed myself!

Up till now, after 30 june, i'm still crazy over Yi Xuan Feng's music, and have been listening to their music like almost everyday!! haha...


The Visit to Goat Farm!

it's been some time again since i last posted! we went to this Hay Daries Goat Farm some day ago... though not much to do around there but i reali got excited as it's my 1st time having e chance to see and touch goats live!!!!

here's some pix i took tat day~