Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my mood is still down...

well,as it is still mood is still affectted...i'm still down...
still...worried and sad...
can't help but thinking abt it...

No perfection in struggled death,

Just the pellet tearing lungs, limbs, sinews

On an earth unforgiving

And the gaping jaw -

Each shiver a reminder of the frailty of life

And death's dark hunger

That will eat out raw each last breath.

Who could deliver the bullet who saw that private war ?

Death is no victory, but a bloodied mess.

When I was born the sun lay down

And time called out for clouds to lead me on

But I refused to dance

And set up all the wailings of the new

born childBitter at my loss,

Saddened by my plight,

Born to dust and earth

And dreary endless blight.