Thursday, June 30, 2005

The NDP training yesterday at kranji camp

when i arrive i was late,but luckliy they have not start at the field.but then,i relise tat i was cuted in the wrong on that ay,when i 1st pratice the sloting in formations,im not suppose to b in tat line....sign*darm shity...u noe....i told one of e helpers there,there say they will see to it on tat day,sign* se to it,i think not enf time liao near to e NE show date,preview n actual time to do a redo or a the way,betty is still suspected tat shu ee gotta bf.its jus tat she doesn't wanna tok abt it or tell us.but im ok wif it..when she's ready,she'll tell for weiling n dukie(SS),hmmm...mayb they noe bout'em....may not....dukie is good for now...he gotta gf,good for him...happy times....for me,i gotta goal...i noe what i wanna im working hard to achieve it....

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