Saturday, December 10, 2005

[[* TOday went shopping at west mall for offfice wear.. *]]

What is a Friend?

Someone who's there to hold your hand

to say the words "I understand"

To listen when you need them there

Who's by your side to show they care

To share your laughs, and smile with you

erase the frown, when you are blue

who at a call, is by your side

To whom you know you can confide

A shoulder there, for you to cry

A tissue too, to wipe them dry

An ear that's there, for you to use

A helping hand, you'll never loose

Someone to hug, when things go wrong

to keep you going, make you strong

Most precious gift that life could send

so hold on tight to your best friend


well,as some of you noe...i got a job thru's at rafflets place...gotta wear semi formal..but the promblem is...i got NO formal or semi formal some of you style of wear is went to shop for clothings today at west mall...hmm...onli manage to brought 3 office tops for $33 at Giordano.
well,tot i could onli mange to get these for today..then went to my place's area for dinner wif mum,sis and bro...went to shop around again...then,i manage to buy one more office slippers and a bottom to match one of my tops tt i brought happy...quite cheap..but its more than my expected burget...argh*gonna reali saved up when i got my pay....nid to pay for family's expenses...and my own for the sch fees....yup..for the graudation in yr2006 Jan,im gonna wear one of my semi-formal to up again...haha...
then i also brought a top,green in color...funky match a japanese bottom jeans tt i brough last yr for nxt yr's new up again...when did i become so smart...haha...nth lah..jus joking...hmm...tot tt my internet will be shut down till nxt yr april then can use...but its seems tt it can be used till nxt yr..dono lah...maybe mum is not comfirm wif the she told me is november shut maybe all of u readers might be able continued to read my life stories...haha...ok..shall end here....bye~

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