Monday, June 05, 2006

Times fly fast..

well,it's been like a month since i have last updated my blog entry...well,a lot has happen...and well,i don't wanna look back in the past,but of course,i'll keep the happy memories..coz i really do cherish them...
ok,for quite some time,i have seem my friends in all of us are now in the 2nd yr of ITE,a lot of changes come in us..really do miss those times spend together with em...
at gathering for the BBQ on 3 june 06,we r suppose to go in the sec sch for the ex-students gathering..its for students who graduated from siwss since 1987..and well,did meet my gals at the sch gate and we did saw lots of the seniors,my seniors, same bages schoolmates and CCA mates...but ended up we didn even step in!
haha...coz its like,other people,for example,the NA or express students,they have lots of classes so is like they get to meet their lots of friends,but us...we only got this one pathetic class...4T1...
So is like,we felt quite wierd to go in coz we didn really know the others..
So we went off having our own gathering somewhere nearby..
we had our dinner at the nearby coffeeshop...and of course,we had a long chat...chatting about what had happen to ourselves get to share a lot of stories then here comes photo taking sessions...!!!
all the photos were taken by shu ee,the maybe future photographer..haha
good shot..!!!
it was really a happy time coz i get to see you gals...since a long time...i wonder when i'll get to see you gals again...ah well,all the best to you gals alright...and stay in touch...!!!

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