Monday, July 23, 2007

New Puppy

Hey,i'm back with an exciting story here...about 2 weeks ago,i adopted a new puppy. A 2 1/2 yr old white and brown Jack Rusell Terrier named Amber. She's very small in size but is hyper active and abmitions. She's quite a unqiue dog for her breed as normally, normal JRT would either have both ears up and tall or dropping down. but not hers,she has 1 ear up and another dropping down which we find it unqie,special and cute.
Since the 1st day she came to our family,me, my sister and my brother have been taking care of her since then. Since the 3 of us are her owner or master, everyday, 3 of us,each has our own roles and task that is in charge of.
For me,i am the "care and responsible giver". I have to take care of her food,water and to maintain her health as she's a "heaty body" type of conditions. Every morning, before i go to school,i have to bring her out for a walk. As she is toilet trained outdoors,it's a must for me to bring her out every morning so that she can pees and poo. Also, when she's being naughty and pees or poo at home,i have to do the cleaning.
For my brother, he is the "playmate". As my brother is younger and better in spots and playing, he plays with amber, games like tur of war and fetch. He also has to take her out on a walk,often in the afternoon. Other than that, my brother also sometimes has to be in charge of cleaning her pees and poo at home when we're not at home as our parents are not allow to help us take care of her.
For my sister, she is the "baby-sister" who will train her mostly(even though 3 of us has to train her), and to coax her to sleep every night. She also has to take note of the stock of Amber's food, pet sheets and doggie snacks. When the stock is out, me and my sister will have to go buy and store it up.
Also every evening the 3 of us we try to take Amber out to walk. As it's cooler in night, 3 of us often spent longer time. And every thursday and sunday,me and my sister will have to bath her to keep her clean and refreshing.
Amber,although sometimes creates trouble and being naughty,but there's a sweet,cute,adorable side of her. Sometimes,she's quite obedience too...

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