Saturday, July 19, 2008

30 June 2008 - Superband 2 Live Recording!!!

Yeah!!! Me and my gal friends went for 30 June 08 Live Recording of Superband 2 to support Yi Xuan Feng!!!

It was pretty much like a reali fun party there!!!! Although Yi Xuan Feng was eliminated... but to me, there are reali a perfect band who reali can perform and played wonderful music... they had not disappointed a lot of us fans...

I believe they will rise again with their fantastic performance soon... JIA YOU!!!! YI XUAN FENG!!! i belived you!

Anyway, thnxs to a special friend, who's the bro of my senior in one of YXF, thnxs for e tickets tt me n my gal frens gets e chance to experience what's its like to b at live recording n i reali have learned a lot from all the performance!

In total, i reali enjoyed myself!

Up till now, after 30 june, i'm still crazy over Yi Xuan Feng's music, and have been listening to their music like almost everyday!! haha...


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