Tuesday, August 12, 2008

11 August 08 - Tian Ling's Birthday

Yup, we meet have a mini gathering cum tian ling's birthday celebration at west mall Mc Donalds on 11 August 08!

Time reali flys, all of us noe each other like 5 to 7 yrs le... all of us changes a lot and are acheiving our own goals in different aspect..

WL in poly, Shu Ee in her photographing career, TL in her retail full time, Agatha currently studying in part time poly but quitting soon for her full time admin job, me and betty going for our own blog pet shop....

Kinda miss those old good days but all opf us gonna look forward to strive for our own sucess!
Jia you!

OS: hmm, it seems like 10 overs yr since i last celebrate my birthday... sounded fun to celebrate birthday... nah, too lazy le lah! haha..

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