Monday, September 29, 2008

Amber's 1st vet visit on 29/09/08

Today, we bring Amber to The Joyous Vet for a health check up and for the patches on Amber's head...

When we arrive at the vet, we waited for awhile before entering into the room to see Dr Grace Heng.

When entered into the room,Amber suddenly seems to panic..and have to ask Dr Grace's assistant to help.

After the check ups and all, Dr grace then explained her situation. The patches on Amber's head are just infections. Not really serious. As for her ears, it's indeed fungus. And i showed the gel that i used to treat Amber's ear. Dr Grace said that it's not strong enough and she will prescribe a gel for her ears that could cure it completely.

And,we had her nails clipped! so all her nails are so short.

Then,i also explained that Amber go have some abnormal cramps... So i will have to bring Amber to the vet next month again to do some blood and urine test to see if she's ok and are ok for sterilizing.

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