Monday, March 23, 2009

Food Exhibition at suntec city on 22 March 09

yesterday went to career fair at suntec city with meiling... after the career fair,we went to food exhibition which is at level below the career fair..

after walking around in the food exhibiton,meiling wanna get a seat to rest and have her lunch...we managed to take a seat, got all our food...

Me and betty bought thrashaw noodles and shark fin soup..

Meiling bought teriyaki Balls...

There's so many people at the food exhibition especially that it's the last DAY!

Then awhile later, meiling went off with her bf to expo for popullar fair...
me and betty stayed to wait for mum..
while waiting for mum, we came across ice cream stall and bough this korea Red Bean Fish ice cream..

It was really yummy! after waiting for some time,mum arrived and we visited the food exhibiton with mum... we eat a lot of samples and bought some good deals such as bah Hwa, Tao Sau, Shark Fin soup, nonya po piah and etc... and i also treated mum to the korea red bean fish ice cream too!
in total,we had some wonderful times and got a lot of affordable food stocks too!!! haha~

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