Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vesak Day 2009

Firstly, today is Vesak Day. so at here, I wish everyone have a enjoyable day¬

Today, i had my dinner outside with my siblings and mum. We had duck rice for dinner which was a delicious dinner.

After dinner, we went to the nearby spacious place, there is an Temple Dinner there.. we went to offer our prayers.

As we heard that there's the 3 Step - 1 kneel ceremony(3步1拜),we head to Bukit Gombark Stadium
and take a look. I remember me, my siblings together with our parents did participate it this ceremony once in the past too.. it was a good experience but was a little tiring and really dirty as that time was raining season hence we were all really wet, smelly and dirty at that moment.

but this year, we didn't participate in it. We just watched and chant along their scriptures as well...

Here's some nice shot of us on the hill top watching the whole spectacular scene..

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