Friday, September 28, 2012

Hi! a long long time after i last updating my blog~

Hey! just came up and updated my blog...
It's been over 2 years since i last touch/updated my blog...updated abit on my datas cause it was my datas 2 yrs changed abit here and there...not much though..
Many things happened...

Graduating from ITEs, getting jobs, experiencing different things...
I am sure i have grown up alot... but i still hasn't seen much of this world...

I have so much to say but i just don't know where to start from!

Currently, my 2 years project job just ended not long ago, now resting at home for a short period before i start working again..(while waiting for my manager's next project, i'm on job hunting)

Friends, especially besties around me changed alot.. some friends of my ages, gots better in career, some married, some of us still studying to get better certs for better future... all of us in different directions... but i'm still glad that my besties of grp are with me despites our busy life..

My mum, still pink in health and i pray hard she will continue to get better.. my dad too, hoping he is better in health, knowing my dad is getting older, he is about to retire in few years time, i as the eldest kid gotta work hard to improve our family's quality lifestyle...

My little bro, just entered NS about 2 to 3 weeks ago, he's doing great and adapting well.
my sis, as usual, although for the last 2, 3 years, our sisterly relationship begings to have some cracks... but recently got better...

my Dog, Amber is still great in health, although she is currently 8 yrs old going 9, a senior dog, but she is still as strong and active liked a 2 yr old!
My sibling's dog too! both 5 but are mischevious!

for me, i...just realised that i have my 1st crush in my own 23 years life... it camed ringing to me already... he is a really great guy..a special guy that is different... but due to some reasons and adding some "bad people" adding salt and sugar causing misunderstandings and creating a mess of the situations, i can't get to him...but i believe god arranged this way for me.. he and i will still meet...
OS: partly because of my irresponsible and reckless behaviour, cause many of us suffer...if miracle happens, i won't want the history to repeAat but hoping the situation will go better and smooth instead..
OS: i'm still single despite my age... and i admit, i never had a bf...i'm kinda slow i
But i also realised, with friends around me having boyfriends and into romance matter or even marriage...they are all mostly about to or had enter another stage of life.... i do aware i am having some forbia to it... that...i think it's not a rush to me since i'm young...didn't think much bout it anyway...  cause being a single or attached is not a big matter to me... as long as i still feels happy and free like what a saggitarius always is... but i do admit, marriage to me is scary....(PS: didn't wanna touch on the topic)

but i hope to be a better me, so my parents won't be worry about me so much... my career is a big goal to me... so currently, although am lazy, but with my sis's proper talks with me clicks my logic sense that i'll plan to study to get a diploma cert for a better job with higher pay for better quality life for myself, my family, my dog and if i had my loved ones too... one of my greatest wish among all my wishes,dreams and goals, if i can, i shall wanna participated in any of the following:
  • Sponsors a - dog- programme at a local shelter
  • Volunteering on weekends for fund raising for animal shelters or welfare
  • Volunteering to accompany, walks, play or bath  animals at the shelters
  • Helping abandon pets or pets needed to get a forever home
  • Monthly donations to any local shelters
And, even after my amber passed on(I have some plans for Amber already when she passed on, she's my treasure) i will still continue to adopt another dog as pet. I clearly remember my promise to Amber the 1st day she arrives, so i will give that promise to my 2nd dog and so on...

As some updated photos over the 2 years...
Amber's latest photo as taken on today dated : 28 Sep 2012
 That's me & Amber in a Pet Model Catwalk Show(Amber is one of the Model) in 2010 at Singapore Polytechnic.
 That's Amber in a Pets Magazine Cover Dog Compeition PhotoShoot at April 2011, The theme "Amber in WonderLand" located at Fort Canning
 That's me & my besties at this year, 2012, a gathering a month after CNY.
 That's me in 2011, participating in a charity work for a holistic pet shop raising funds for animals.

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