Monday, January 08, 2007

1st day of sch in 2007

Ok,normally,today is the 1st day of sch for all students in singapore(n maybe other countries too) but for me,yes,it's my 1st day of sch in 2007,but not my 1st day of sch in my 1st yr in ITE...for me,it's been half e yr alreayd,so i felt kinda new...haha...cause i don hv such experiences in the past..this is counted as my 1st it's kinda fresh to me..

Holidays over,school days back...just came to school reopening,a lot of things coming up,like projects,exams..and the one i fear most is oral presentations because i don't have much confident in that...

i hope everything will be just fine for everyone n myself..

just gotta go..take care,all of u out there..

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