Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Very slack school weeks

Today,again,i went to school and slack...didn't really had any lessons becoz of CCA fair, talks, events and trips going on and in school...

today went to a talk organised by my fren's classmates..a talk about eh...SPI people showed us photos and videos..
We gets to know quite some info abt what is SPI all about..

then,after my talk,i went to canteen and wait for a little while,had my lunch,then i went to the CCA fair. went to MPH,waiting..then finally,watch my seniors( from my CCA, studio recording) performing...senior indeed..they are really up to standard whereas i still got to brush up a lot on my skills and a lot more to learn..haha..

after the talk,went back to teacher was busy with his stuff,our class just sat in classroom doing nothing...
30 mins gone and went to e nxt lessons,finish up the assessment given by the teacher and meet up with agatha and head back home~

slacking day,yup...

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