Friday, March 02, 2007

Exams Coming~~~~

Well,times flew fast...just a wink and here arrives march... Exams just around the corner...everyone must be really busy preparing for exams.. glad that all of projects were cleared just in time.. Now,just recently, i got to know my marks for my EVM projects, i got a high B. but i am aiming for an A. But as for what i'm told from my teacher,i have to score 95 marks and above for my exam in order to get an A. Omg...that's really hard... We are a bage of unfortunate Business Admin student because after last bage's took their paper and were telling how easy their paper is,this year onwards, all our paper were set really hard.. And really unfortunately, we are the 1st bage to took this hard paper... Omg!!! Haiz.. no choice.. got to really push to the limit to score an A. Yesterday,i went with my sis and mum to Vivo City to visit tian ling at work. When we arrive, she's alone in the shop. We chat with her for awhile while she shows us her "customer service skills". After that, we went window shopping. as we window-shop, i saw tian ling's having her dinner alone in the shop. Poor tian ling, can really tells she's lonely and struggling. After window-shop, went back to tian ling's shop, and asked if the boss wanna hire part-timers, a pity, she does't want to hire any at the moment. till around 9.30pm went stright home. On the way to MRT stations, receive an SMS from tian ling, can sense from her SMS she's quite sad and disappointed. Hope that she's alright. Anyway, it's quite a tiring yet fun trip to Vivo City. Hope that everyone will be doing fine.. Arrive at home, take a bath, then stright away, i watched the repeat of 100% entertainment. Wow, they were having Hana Kimi's Celebrations. Wu Chun were really naughty to keep disturbing Jiro. Danson's facial expression and reaction were quite cute. Though he seems a bit off.(Blur) after watching, went to bed at 2.30pm. And woke up quite late this morning at 12.15pm... got to get ready for my CCA later.. Cya..

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