Monday, February 05, 2007

My latest updates-pix of Danson Tang Yu Zhe

Been some times since i update my entries..
well,this few days been a little busy...of course with school work...
a lot has happen for this past few weeks..
a week ago,taiwanese idol actress Beastie Hus Wei Lun met with an car accident and had died. All her celebrities friends and family were heart-broken.
Then i just finish watching Zhong Ji Yi Ban, a taiwan Idol drama acted by, Jiro Wang, Arron Yan, Calvin(Fahrenhiet Members) and Danson Tang Yu Zhe. Cool SHow.. And am looking forward to thier second season, Zhong Ji Yi Jia.
Still catching up on Latest Taiwan Idol Drama, Hana Kimi (Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu), Acted by Jiro Wang, Wu Chun(Fahrenheit member) and Danson Tang Yu Zhe. Very nice..and it's gonna boardcast on singapore's channel U on the 15/2/07, mon-fri at 7pm. i am really excited over it.
Been listening to Danson Tang's 1st song, , the ending song of Zhong Ji Yi Jia.Very nice song. At the same time,his new song is his 1st song that is going to be record in his first debute albums.
PS: his 1st debute album is in the process of recording songs...
My own event held on 2/2/07 just over. I was lucky that it went smoothly although there's a slight delay. And i just finish helping out my classmate's group's event yesterday. i felt a great statifiations.
Up-coming will be my ETP presentations and BCM individual Presentations. I have only started on my BCM individual powerpoint slides a few days ago while my ETP group presentations is going to start as soon as possible as we are going to present soon next week.

And last saturday,i have went to IMM to watch! a lot of fans were there for fahrenheit autograph sessions..i am suppose to go for it as well but ended up watching from the side because there's such a long i didn't went up the stage to get the autograph..what a pity,somemore i did bring along fahrenheit album that day...

ok..i gtg...take care..

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