Saturday, September 24, 2005

1st time going out wif frenz sis not tagging along..

todae i 1st time going out wif frenz onli..without my sis tagging along..feels so happy...coz can feel like more freedom lor..then saw joyce at MRT go up n look for sue in train then found her we ran in lor...then sue show us her phone..then she play my fav english song, "have you ever" by S club...haha...very touching..(thnx ya..sue..)well,gr8 experience lah...although tis is me 2nd time going to the church(Yhope) lor...everything is the same...oso very lucky tat get to see the same paster...hehe...he's very funny...crak quite a number of jokes..then hv dinner wif joyce,her sis and sue lor...we had chicken rice lah..haha..ok lah...but coz due to stress,still don feel like eating even though hungry so onli eat a bit..then after tat,go attenda "mini farewell/birthday we all sing songs..say prayers..then after coz its getting late so we r gohome lor..then jus got home...okk...gonna pen off here..wanna chexck mail liao..hehe..

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