Saturday, September 10, 2005

yeah!!!todae is JJ's autograph sessions at IMM!!!

todae,i went to IMM to watch JJ's autograph sessions...rearch there aroud 4.30pm but it start at 5pm so i jus stood there and waited for half an hour and then he appear..the whole asmospher jus suddently high up...he is in pink panter's t-shirts wif a pink jackets...looks pretty cool..then he sung us)(fans) a few songs,everyone kept waving at him,me too and shouting at him,of coz not me very quite...haha...then is tat,i 1st time can stand so near him n is able to see him clearly unlike tat time,when i see him for the 1st time at Nee Ann City,the Yes 9.33FM streetconcert...very far away,cant reali see him is very happy...but i forgot to took some photo of i onli came back after 7++pm then took the stage's at least lor...still happy lor...then i hv my dinner wif mum and sis at the kopitiam at lvl 4,met tian ling there,she hv her dinner wif her family too...lolz...but bad thing for me,when im bring my food over to my seats..i seal my hand..oh no....its swollen...very pain leh...haiz...don care jus eat...then went home the bubble tat goes very swollen after being seal is brust..argh*very very i jus stick a plaster over it...then jus carry on wif my work...hmm...tml im going to the CARE carevoluntions..hmm...nv being to it b4...gonna find out frm the CARE staff....haha.....

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