Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Finelly,i got my MAIA LEE"S ALBUM!!!!

Music by Maia Lee

See me up on the TV screen
Upon the cover of a magazine
Lingerie with the guitar strings
Don't you wish you could have me back this mintue

Thought you said i wasn't the one
Now you want me back in your arms
I've had enough of your selfish charms
I know for a fact i should be having fun

Had your chance but blew it again
Sorry but i need someone more like a man
Cheat on your girl then you tell your friends
I'm a big girl now i can tell you're scum

Look at me
Tell me what you see
I'm not a model or a beauty queen
Don't accept re-entry fees
You can call me short and be on your way now

Everytime i cried you walked away
Now's your turn to hide your tears away
I don't believe that you could be
A better man now anyway
I gonna live my life for me today

well,todae,i went to west mall to get some stuff...then i mange to buy the Maia Lee's ablum(Emotionally Advised) then of coz went into the gift shop,intending to buy some gifts lah..but coz my sis is nt well,so we(agatha and me) took her to sit down n rest..then while im taking care of her,agatha went to buy a cup of hot milo for her to drink then agatha sent us to the bus interchange,then off we go home...then at home,i did my hse chores as usual then i play my new Cd,then rip it into my com,send to agatha,then nw im enjoying the new songs and chatting online MSN wif sue and agatha...then now im off to cotinued my talk wif them..cya guys and gals...

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