Saturday, November 05, 2005

Singapore Hit Awards 2005!!!!

Singapore Hit Awards 2005

The very first award that JJ got was Best Local Music Composition - yi qian nian yi hou. Second, he's the grand winner of Best Local Male! YEAH!!!JJ ROX!!!! And aft tt he went up the stage to do his first performance. JJ played the guitar with his guitar teacher(which i don Noe wat is the name, and sang dou jiang you tiao, jian jian dan dan, and a very cool and outstanding version of bian hao 89757. he had done a gr8 performance..thumbs up*
Next is results for Best Composing Artiste. There were four winners.. Mayday, ..Tanya, (lots of people screaming for JJ) JJ & David Tao. JJ seems to be a bit surprise n shocking...haha... The Fans of JJ is praying hard for JJ.
Just When the Host were chatting.. a white grand piano was move on stage.. and of coz, it's meant for JJ! He explained that he will be singing the songs which he wrote for other singers - mo ri zhi lian (ZChen), dang ni (Cyndi), wo men (Energy), & ai xiao de yan jing (Vivian).
A very touching performance. argh* my heart melts man....
Final award for the day....YEAH!!!!FINELLY,i hv been waiting for the moment n it has comes....
Best Male Vocalist! screams and applause from the audience even louder than ever... Hmm.. reminded me of Zpop when JJ was performing too...hahaha....
okk, anyway, JJ did his last performance, his soothing vocal on our favourite ballad yi qian nian yi hou! Yeah!!! I think it was a pity that JJ de fans didn sit together if nt gt more power to screams and maybe all can sing together loudly wif JJ neh....Jun Jie!!!!! Congrats! *applause

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