Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Argh!!!!not enf cash!!!!

A few days ago,after my dinner with my borther and sister, i went window-shopping with my sister and my close friend agatha at west mall. we shopped from the 1st floor to the top floor.. we went into the comic collection cause my sister mention that she would like to look up to the latest range of new comic series..so we went in...when i went in,i was looking at all the books that were written by authors of movies,singers,artises and models.. i came across Joe's 2004's book(畅游人间) and i wanted to buy it,but due to lack of cash,i leave the shop disappointedly... I have the intendtion of collecting all joe's books.. haha..cause i'm his fans...haha... then,i'm gonna find a job and start saving now...i hope that one of these days,i can go visit taiwan and maybe,just maybe attend his autograph sessions too!!!! recently,been watching tian wai fei sian on channel U...ariel's show...super cute!!!! but they dubbed her voice..i guess maybe her voice is just a little not suitable for the character or the crew perfer it to be more sweeter and cuter sound.. today, my ETP lessons, my teacher said that the conclusion i did was completely wrong..i was a bit disappointed and guity...i wonder what my teacher will say tommorrow when we meet her..? hmm....by the way,i got to also rush over my survey...must do it quickly.... then also,when i went for my next lessons,my class adviser came in..she mention about the school holidays attachment...she went to me and ask me about it..i was still thinking about it...my sister did advise me that during the holidays i will have full of stuffs to do...and may not be able to handle it..so i think i might want to give it up... sometimes,too much is also not good... anyway, i will not give up till i try...that's what i remind myself.... (partly afraid that my negative thoughts and negative side of me will re-appear again so got to push myself forward..)

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