Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ok,new update again..

Well, quite a few handy of projects need to complete. But it was ok. i enjoy the process. I prefer to be busy than free. Still watching ISWAK and listening to the soundtrack over and over again. But,also updating myself with the latest news cum entertainment news. This coming sunday,i will be attending my cousin's wedding buffet. and on 9 dec will be attending my cousin's wedding tea. Still considering if to go on this coming sunday and what should i wear. I hope that if i really did went to my cousin's buffet this sunday,those auntie don't ask me silly question again like,do i boyfriend or like am i envy to see my cousin getting married... Coz i really do felt it is such a lame question. oh c'mon, i am afterall only a 18th...what do you aunties expect...also plus that i am only interested in my studies and furture. i don't have the extra time for other stuff... And besides, i am not a smart person,not a independence type of person not to mention that knowing how to take care of myself,i even lost my way easily(a directions idoit) so i got to work extra hard... Looking forward to the coming holidays, gotta send agatha off to the airport on her trip to india for her school's volunteering work. Then,CCAs and still planning on... Regarding the CCA,it's really pathetic and only 4 of my CCA mate turn up last saturday and boy,Mr Keith give them a really hard scolding. I wonder what will happen if i turn up on this saturday..i don't dare to think about it. But i hope to impress Mr Keith one of these days.and prove him wrong. ok,gonna stop here...i will keep updating asap...

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